Caliente, an organic Swedish juice drink

Caliente, an organic Swedish juice drink review.

Price: €37 (12 x 250ml)
Available from: Manufacturer’s own
Recommended Serve: Long over ice

Caliente is an organic Swedish juice drink developed as a grown up alternative to traditional sprit and mixer. What separates Caliente from being just another soft drink that children might enjoy is the unusual chili kick, lack of carbonation and the low sugar content.

I’m not a fan of spicy flavours, so I was a little nervous in trying my first bottle of blueberry and lemongrass (3 out 5 on their chili scale). I was pleasantly surprised that the “chili kick” is more of a gentle warmness than a blow your socks off firework, and in that respect it’s not dissimilar to an alcoholic spirit.

Available in three flavours (blueberry lemongrass, plum rosemary, ginger lime) they are best served long over ice with a slice of lime or a garnish of your choice. What characterises a Caliente is how dry the flavour is, which is surprising given how refreshing and thirst quenching it is – without the need for artificial sweeteners.

Caliente is currently available at high end restaurants only which means that it’s difficult to try a bottle and you’ll have to plump for a full case. That said, I can easily imagine that you’ll get through a full case during a summer afternoon barbecue, and your non drinking guests and designated drivers will definitely thank you for it.

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