Rawson’s Retreat AF Cabernet Sauvignon

Rawson's Retreat AF Cabernet Sauvignon

Rawson’s Retreat AF Cabernet Sauvignon

This guest post was kindly contributed by ‘The Sober Stream’ who’s celebrating two weeks sober today (02/08/18). You can follow her on Instagram.

Rawson’s Retreat AF Cabernet Sauvignon. My weakness is red wine. I tried Rawson’s Retreat red on the back of a fellow instagrammer’s recommendation. It has a lovely bouquet, and a beautiful rich dark red colour. There is a richness about it and a sharpness that comes with real red wine. Certainly very drinkable!

I haven’t had any real red wine for a few weeks, and I don’t really think it tastes that different. If I were to try them both at the same time as a taste test I could probably tell the difference, however I’m not doing that so it is a marvellous substitute. I shall certainly order some more.

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