Is it possible to cut down, rather than abstain?

Cutting down vs abstaining, is it possible? Everyone will present differently, but in my experience the short answer to this question is ‘no’; at least not long term.

After several weeks of abstaining, I came into work to be told that my contract was being terminated with immediate effect. As a short term contractor, this shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise, but never the less, I headed to the pub for a quick glass of wine to drown my sorrows. After 3-4 bottles of wine, I booked an Uber home.

I resolved that I’d become a moderate drinker. For the next few days I had nothing, and on my girlfriend’s birthday I had one bottle of wine over a three hour period, which in itself wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately it lulled me into a sense of false security, and little by little (possibly particularly acute as I was waiting to start a new contract) I started increasing my intake of alcohol until I was back up to, and even exceeding, my previous levels.

One drink leads to a loss of inhibition that makes it acceptable to have one more, until you’ve had a skinful. It would be inadvisable for a heroin addict who’s been clean for years to have “just one more hit”, in the same way that, for me at least, cutting down isn’t a viable option and abstinence has to be it. I’ve found that by focusing on what I gain by not drinking, rather than what I perceive myself to have lost (which is really very little), along with enjoying delicious non alcoholic alternatives, helps me stay sober; and want to stay sober.

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