Handcrafted Spritz Syrup by 3/4 Oz review

Handcrafted Spritz Syrup by 3/4 Oz review

Price: £7.99 for 240ml (10-12 drinks)

Available from: Waitrose

As I’ve said in one of my previous reviews, one of my favourite summer drinks was an Aperol Spritz. Earlier in the year during a holiday to the South of France I had noticed a ‘Spritz’ flavoured Monin syrup in one of the supermarkets, noticeable by its distinctive, bright orange colouring. As there was no non alcoholic sparkling wine to be found I didn’t buy any at the time, thinking that I could just order the syrup when I returned home. Unfortunately, the Spritz Syrup is only available on the continent so it was not to be. Merde!

It was only during a wishful internet search for the Monin syrup today – I’ve been searching every few weeks in the hope that someone in the UK would have started stocking it – that I stumbled across Handcrafted Spritz Syrup. Crafted in small batches by a young company based in Montreal, the spritz syrup, along with 4 other flavours that I can’t wait to try either, are designed for cocktails. Thankfully though the clever bods at Waitrose found it and are stocking online and instore, which meant I could pick some up on the way home!

It is packaged in an amber glass bottle (evidently to preserve the product for longer), which reminded me of medicine bottles, and the simple but eye-catching branding is reminiscent of an old apothecary label…very intriguing.

Luckily I already had a bottle of Nosecco chilling in the fridge (an AF sparkling wine I found in Sainsbury’s – review to follow soon!) so I mixed up an AF spritz as soon as I got home. The recommended serve is very similar to a classic spritz; one part spritz syrup, 4 parts AF sparkling wine and 1 part sparkling water over ice and with a slice of orange. Alternatively, you can just mix the syrup with some sparkling water, but I plumped for the classic combo and it did not disappoint.

I’m fairly sure you couldn’t get any closer to be honest. It’s got that lovely bittersweet, zesty flavour mixed with a slightly herby undertone and a woody, orange finish, almost identical to an Aperol. The colour is what gives it away; it looks a lot more natural than it’s fluorescent alcoholic friend, but I don’t mind this. If anything it feels more sophisticated, and slightly less flashy.

My one disappointment is that it comes in such a small bottle. Rest assured I’ll be heading straight back to my local Waitrose tomorrow to buy up all their stock (Sorry to any readers in Bromley!). With a long, hot summer still ahead of us, I’m going to need it…Saluti!

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