McGuigan De-Alcoholised Wine Review

McGuigan De-Alcoholised Wine Review

Price: £5.00

Stockists: Marks and Spencer

Recommended serve: Over ice

Alcohol: 0.4%

I’ve always been something of a volume drinker. I prefer to have a latte over a cappuccino as there’s more to “slurp”, and I prefer to have wine over a short for the same reason. Along with Eins Zwei Zero  this is one of my favourite bottles to keep in the fridge, and I frequently plough through a bottle of each of an evening, and at a fiver it’s priced at a point where doing so won’t break the bank.

It’s lightly sparking, which isn’t usually my thing (I thought it had gone bad at first), but it works in this wine and is quite refreshing. Unlike other non alcoholic wines where the grapes are removed before fermentation takes place, this wine is allowed to ferment and then has the booze removed at a latter state, through distillation I presume. The result is that it’s possibly the most dry of the non alcoholic whites I’ve found on the supermarket shelves, and one of the most enjoyable therefore. It needs to be served ice cold, but careful leaving it in the freezer – as it has no alcohol content it’ll freeze as quickly as water.

If you give it a try, please let me know how you get along using the comments below!


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