Monte Rosso The classic aperitivo review

Monte Rosso classic aperitivo review

Price: £2.55 (275ml)

Available from: Waitrose, Ocado, Manufacturer’s own

Recommended Serve:  In a wine glass with plenty of ice & a slice of orange

One of my favourite summer holiday drinks used to be an Aperol Spritz, and while I’ve managed to find non alcoholic substitutes for most other things, I presumed that this would be the one thing I couldn’t replicate.

Enter Monte Rosso; a non-alcoholic, pre mixed aperitivo that I gleefully stumbled across at the Mindful Drinking Festival recently, alongside T&E and London Essence tonics (more to follow on these later!)

The great news is that these drinks, including Monte Rosso, seem to be quite widely available. Only a few days after the festival I found them in my local Waitrose, available online through Ocado and in one of the bigger Tesco stores close to me. Hurrah!

So, onto the actual drink…The Monte Rosso is a little sweeter and fruitier than an Aperol Spritz, but it still has the refreshing fizz which makes it a nice, long, summer drink to savour. There are some lovely citrus notes coming through alongside summer fruits, and a slightly bitter finish, which is one of the things I love about a Spritz.

Recommended serve is with a slice of orange and plenty of ice or alternatively you can try mixing in a shot of grapefruit syrup and adding a slice each of grapefruit and lime over ice to give a slightly sharper finish. Either way, this has become a firm favourite of mine so pour yourself a glass, sit back, relax and let yourself be transported to an Italian terrazze! Pure bliss…

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