M&S Sparkling Summer Cup Mocktail Review

M&S Sparkling Summer Cup Mocktail review

Price: £2.90 (4 cans)

Stockists: Marks and Spencer

Recommended serve: Pre-mixed 250ml cans

Alcohol: 0%

Found by accident while walking through M&S in Waterloo, this is a blend of white grape, orange and strawberry juice with sparking water.  Obviously a drink called ‘summer cup’ in a red can is going to be compared to a Pimms. I mixed mine with ice, lemon and lime as that’s what I had to hand, but would imagine you could further enhance the flavour by adding strawberries, mint and cucumber.

Although probably not quite there in terms of flavour compared to a ‘real’ Pimms, that’s probably because it’s made with spring water rather than lemonade. In a blindfold test based on smell alone, I would think a lot of people would confuse the two, but this one isn’t quite as sweet as it’s long established namesake. That said, that doesn’t take anything away from the refreshment factor. You could very happily take a few cans round to a friend’s barbecue or down to the park and certainly not feel out of place.

It’s a very drinkable drink that works well quenching a thirst, so I’d recommend this as a refreshing pick me up, rather than a sipping drink to enjoy over a longer period of time such as an alt-gin or wine, but in any event I’d pick up a few cans before the summer ends and the product is (probably) withdrawn until next year.

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