Natureo Torres Muscat Review

Natureo Torres Muscat Review

Price: £5.99

Available from: Waitrose, Dry Drinker, Ocado

Torres has been at the forefront of non alcoholic wine since 2008, the Natureo is the result of that long term research and planning.  It’s made from the muscat grape, which is then fermented normally before having the alcohol removed via distillation. It’s made in Spain, and Torres has an enviable reputation.  They have twice won the coveted “Most Admired Wine Brand” by Drinks International in both 2014 and 2015. Reasonable to to say then, that this wine has a lot to live up to!

Alcohol free or non alcoholic white wine are always going to be a little sweeter than the rest of the sector, and the Torres Natureo is no different. That said, it’s very far ahead of its competitions. It’s a wine I enjoyed by itself, but it would go equally with food and you’d pair it in much the same way you would as a traditional white.

With a light fruit initial taste with a slightly acidic finish which does a good job at replicating ‘normal’ wine. It deserves a place on your wine rack as an every day wine that would also work in cooking. That said, it might not make the step up to a wine you’d serve to guests. For this, I’d recommend something like the Eins Zwei Zero. However it’s presented well, and at a good price point, so you wouldn’t feel any sort of a hardship in keeping it to yourself!

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