What happens when you give up alcohol?

What happens when you give up alcohol? This article explains the effects of giving up alcohol on your body from the first hour, right the way through to several months in.

What happens when you give up alcohol?

One hour in:

One hour after your last drink your body will go into detox mode and start removing the alcohol from your blood stream so as to prevent alcohol poisoning.

Around 24 hours:

Obviously this largely depends on how much you put into your system, but it’ll be around this time that the full detoxification process begins to happen and your blood sugar levels should be in the normal range.

This is because the body can only process around 1 unit of sauce per hour, and as the body can’t metabolise and break down food while you’re drinking it’s been forced to store anything you eat as fat, and will now start to process what it can.

72 hours:

Assuming you’ve not drunk since, your body will need around 72 hours time to expel any remaining alcohol from your system. Have you ever been out on a Friday night and had a hangover all weekend? This is why.

7 days:

If you’ve made it this far then it’s time to reap the rewards from your abstinence. A veritable smorgasbord of treats await you – including, but not limited to….

  • Better sleep: Your body is now back into the rhythm of actually falling asleep, as opposed to either passing out from alcohol, or at least being led into the land of nod by it.
  • Your skin will physically appear brighter, less red, and if you have any skin conditions such as eczema they will be dramatically improved.
  • Concentration, mood and mental clarity will be on a par with that of a non drinker (probably a bit higher after the mental high-five of getting this far)

Two weeks:

You’ve had the mental benefits, now it’s time for the physical benefits. Your body has already been making great leaps forward in the time off you’ve had so far, and is now ready to show its hand. Amongst a lot of other things…

  • Skin, hair and nails visibly more healthy and sturdy, even to a casual observer
  • Liver fat will have decreased by a massive 15% (if it can do 15% in two weeks, think what it can do after a few months!)
  • It’s entirely possible that by this stage men will have dropped a trouser size, and women a dress size

One year:

Your risk of chronic conditions such as breast, liver and mouth cancer as well as liver disease takes a massive nose dive. That’s an impressive benefit as it is, but to add icing to the cake, your body will also have disposed of the equivalent of 46,200 calories on your behalf, taking a massive six kilograms of fat off your waistline, ironically meaning you can have another slice of cake more or less whenever you want.

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  1. 54 days and I haven’t lost an ounce of weight. Could be that substitute ice cream that keeps sneaking into my freezer.

    1. You have that mystery man who sneaks ice cream into your freezer too!
      He’s responsible for a lot in my house; he removes one sock from every load of washing I put on and moves my car keys overnight, he used to put DVDs back in random cases, but since I moved to netflix he stopped that 😉

      I suppose there are worse sins in life than having a little too much ice cream! xx

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